Here are a few quotes from people who have heard my music and from students:

"Man, you're just killin' me. Your voice absolutely knocks me plum out. And, I really truly love the way you wear your Christianity... If I owned a record company, I'd offer you a deal in a heartbeat. No one is doing anything like what you're doing as far as I know."
- Richard Helm, Nashville Songwriters Association International (Jun 10, 2010)

"THANK YOU for a beautiful evening of worship last night at Daniel's Den Café. 
I was greatly encouraged by the attendance, the feedback of patrons and from fellow congregants . . . I am so hopeful that we can again open our doors to the community next year . . .thanks in part to you and your ministry that touched the hearts of people like me and others last night . . . You are most welcome at Daniel's Den Café ! Love and Peace..."

"Hi Wendy, I had the pleasure of hearing you play, sing, and speak at the Grace Church/Souderton women's breakfast. Your testimony and songs were a real blessing and encouragement to me. Thank you for your tender tears, courage in sharing how Jesus brought you out of the darkness of abortion and into the light of warm forgiveness and grace. Each of your songs touched me. You are quite blessed with creative talent which you beautifully used to share the love of Jesus Christ. Thank you!"

"The women of Hopewell were so blessed to have you on Friday night.  I received so many requests to have you back that I'd like to see if you are available on November 30th?  I want to open it up for the men as well.  Thank you again for an awesome night!"

"The event was better than hoped for. . .  I so enjoyed speaking with you.  Years ago,  when I first heard you at Karen’s Place, Don asked me if I had ever heard your testimony.  I answered, “no”. . . and he said something along the lines of "Phew, wait till you hear that" . . .  well, now I understand his emotion and reaction.  Your story is powerful.  Thank you for your boldness and willingness to share that story, because the sincerity and truth you speak is so relevant to the feelings of abandonment, discouragement, violation , etc.. that so many of us have experienced in our own “stories”.   When I hear of your past and look at you now, w/ your shining smile, twinkling eyes and a-DOR-able dimples,  it is difficult to believe that you experienced those struggles! The morning was truly a BLESSING to me and my daughter.   THANK YOU."

"Congratulations on your concert and the launch of your new CD. Your testimony is powerful and your music a delight. The band is amazing but so is the sound of your single voice and solitary guitar. Like you, my wife and friends and I managed to survive the sixties, but are in now danger of becoming groupies for the first time! We've purchased your CD's and will encourage our wider network of friends to do the same. As your lyrics professed last night, God promises to walk with those that Rise! to His call. Thank you for your courage in stepping up, speaking out, and proclaiming the name of our maker and savior, Jesus Christ!" 

"Wendy Schettig, singer-song writer and musician, has such a beautiful gift to share her heart for Jesus through musical storytelling. There is such a real joy and a passionate connection between Wendy and her audience. You will be richly blessed when you hear her perform her music. We will always welcome Wendy and her band back to the Solid Rock Cafe." - Theresa Hanley, Solid Rock Cafe and Bookstore, Chalfont, PA

"On the way home from grocery shopping yesterday I tore the wrapping off your CD & was enthralled by your clear voice, the originality, the variety, & the full, rich sound that filled my car so that I didn't want to turn it off – and indeed today when I pulled into the driveway having listened to the rest on my way home from work, I let it continue to go back to the first song while I spent some time praying before going into the house. Thank-you so very, very much for this generous gift!"

"I just love Wendy's music. I heard "the daffodil song" about 20 years ago and felt some sort of connection to it. I loved to listen to it when I rocked my babies to sleep. The old vinyl record that I first heard it on is long gone and I was so pleased to find Wendy on the web and get hold of her CD. Because its nice to think of crazy things like being a daffodil...."

 "By the way, the DVD of the funeral came out good ... your songs were powerful!  I got a thank-you note in the mail from someone who was there and he said it was the most powerful worship service he was ever in….you were a huge part of that…."

"My sister gave me your CD many years ago.  She got it from a friend of hers whose brother saw you play.  The Cd became a favorite of mine, and I have shared it with many of my friends.  One friend wrote you for the music to 'My Whole Life,' to have sung for the first dance at her wedding.  "That's a Friend" is one of my favorites, and my family knows that when I die I want, 'I'm as Blessed as I can Be' played at my funeral.  It is my favorite on the CD, and I probably have listened to it a million times!  Your CD is in the number one slot in my car, and often play it on the way to church on Sunday morning. I have kept an eye on your website waiting for your next release.  I just happened to check it the other day, and there it was! 
Never doubt that your music is touching people!  You have a God given gift, and I am sure that He is very pleased that you are using it. Thank you, and God Bless"

"Ya wuz tee-riff-ick!!  Loved it!  Thanky – thanky – thanky!  Sincerely…and seriously…much appreciation to you, Guy, and Mike.  You have been a delight every time we have had the privilege of having you with us.  Hope you will consider us part of your cheerleading team!  Keep me on your mailing list!  Happy to cheer you on…"

"We wanted to tell you we felt that last night was truly a remarkable evening. Your performance and that of your band was inspiring and incredibly uplifting. We've received a great deal of feedback and folks felt really connected to you and your message. Since our beginnings in June, we've certainly had a wide variety of performers, but none that connected with us and our audience like you did." - Susan and Craig Skinner, Common Grounds Coffeehouse, Jarrettown, PA

"Wendy performed May 5th amid a packed house which left the staff scrambling to find additional chairs. And what a performance is was. God has gifted Wendy with a tremendous talent." - Karen's Place Tribune

"Wendy is one of very few top flight singers and guitarists. Not just another folksinger, Wendy's voice is a rare treat in any style of music and her guitar work takes a back seat to no one. Her CD, "Beyond This Place" is a sample of this lady's depth and talent." - Karl Dieterichs, Bucks County Folk Music Shop

 "What a blessing that God made you available to us for such a wonderful day!   Not only were you entertaining but you were also energizing (especially for me anyway).  The entire day was an amazing blessing with such a beautiful day, wonderful music and so many new smiling faces.  Oh, and of course a perfectly grilled hotdog with mustard and a little relish made for a nice day too. Thank you, so much, for the blessing of your gift and service."

"I just got back from the graveside service and sometime at the home of the family.  THANK YOU for your ministry today…I heard over and over again from the family and even from some of the 20 something kids how much your music meant to them!  You have a special gift and the Holy Spirit is on your ministry!"

From a letter from John Hessler, Pastor of my church, Calvary Chapel, Central Bucks: 
    Having known Wendy Schettig since 2006, I continue to be blessed by the Christ-centered compassion, truth and clarity in her music. While her vocal quality and finger-picking mastery is a rare combination, it’s the musical and lyrical quality of her songs that will sweep you away. All her work is lovingly crafted to strengthen the weak, comfort the hurting and encourage all – whether believer or nonbeliever. 
    Through the many roads we travel, God uses every high and low, twist and turn to form His children into a unique image of Himself. Wendy’s music is a profound expression of His loving direction and shaping of her life that reaches the heart of each who listens. 
    I encourage you to open your door to Wendy and her band – they’re a breath of fresh air and a terrific source of musical enjoyment. Having performed in our Café many times, they’ve always packed the house and touched hearts.    - John R. Hessler, Sr. Pastor, 
Calvary Chapel Central Bucks