Before radio or the top-forty influenced any subconscious musical style, Wendy Schettig learned to play guitar at age seven and started writing songs by age nine.  Soon after, Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and James Taylor began shaping her style.  Nowadays, you will hear folk roots in her music but with hints of celtic, blues and ragtime - an indication of her musical journey. In her late teens, Wendy was a galley-hand on a sailing schooner off the coast of Maine for several years. She sang for the passengers and was greatly influenced by the Irish celtic music of the area.  Later she opened her own folk music shop in Camden, Maine where she learned ragtime and blues from her customers and the music she sold. Over the years, Wendy has played with various bands but was greatly influenced while performing with the bluegrass gospel band, Sunnyside.  It was there she learned about telling her interesting life story which seems to hit a familiar spot with much of her audience. She admits she doesn’t write many love songs, but she writes songs you will fall in love with.  Much of her music is woven around themes in nature paralleled with learning from her own life experiences.  At age twenty four, when Wendy turned her life over to Jesus, her music evolved with it. Themes that were once about searching for answers became themes about finding those answers in her new found faith. This isn't simplistic stuff - the words go deep to challenge believers and non-believers alike. She sings in churches, prisons, rehabs, coffeehouses, weddings, retreats, concerts, college campuses and festivals. Wendy also enjoys teaching guitar, leading worship, counseling, and giving Bible studies for women. You will find Wendy playing guitar and singing in the northeast from Delaware to Maine. She currently resides in Bucks County, PA with her husband, and they have a grown daughter who resides with her husband in the Poconos.